Wedding how to mark where to celebrate!?

Wedding how to mark where to celebrate!?

Restaurant choice for wedding ceremony - perhaps one of the key points. The fact that in recent years young people started to give more preference picnics , summer cottages , countryside visiting ceremonies and even nightclubs . Nobody argues for young people are the most affordable options , but they must be guided not just sound advice when choosing a place of celebration .


Ironically, such a solemn , pleasant and fun event every respect - a major headache when choosing a place where they can gather all the wedding invitations , guests and relatives . We must always remember that this place should respond term main conditions : price, quality of service and cuisine .





When choosing a location for your wedding party should proceed , of course, of their financial well-being. Yes, of course , to come home and just sit - also not a bad idea , but it is only good for small companies . And if you have guests at least 30 people ? You can go to a nightclub , but it is well and good only for young people. And if you have a lot of relatives already elderly ? Not to offend anyone , usually shoot a restaurant.

Rent the whole restaurant - fun , I must say , is not cheap. Price usually depends on the rented area , the location of the restaurant , ordered quantities of alcohol , sometimes - the number of guests and preferred menu. Then just need to make a reservation: remove entire restaurant is very expensive, so it is better to deal with large restaurants. Say absurd? Not at all! In large restaurants almost always have a banquet room, just designed for such ceremonies - that is, such an idea is almost 100 % will not lead to a lump sum .





Usually it catches the eye, so we will not dwell on the maintenance staff. One has only to note that the restaurant staff with different experience , including violent and unbalanced , customers more and much richer than all the rest. And because you can with great probability that your wedding will not be marred by a supremely stupid fight .





Well, here, too, everything is clear. The only advice here you can still give treks through those small restaurants and cafes that are in your prospective list. And choose exactly institution where quality cuisine like for you, and not your own, for example, my grandmother. All people , of course , different, but there must be a wedding your grandmother already was. And now you are trying to organize their own holiday to your liking.



So, as you can see , a wedding can be celebrated even in outer space - the main thing would be the desire and opportunity honeymooners and guests . And because it would be nice though unobtrusively ask the guests of the wedding ceremony that they would like to see, and where they would like to note the actual wedding . And on the basis of the majority opinion , is really something to plan and make costly orders.


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ира June 25, 2016

Праздновали в ресторане Лайтхаус, обслуживание оставляет желать лучшего! Один официант на стол за которым сидело 8 человек, грязная посуда не покидала нас до конца вечера, официантка ходила весь вечер с кислой миной, зато в конце один из официантов показывал как мастерский он умеет делать губами бумбокс и потом еще отплясывал, даже немного брейка дал... но на фоне обслуживания все это смотрелось НЕЛЕПО... как бы надо обслуживанием заниматься а не бумбоксы показывать и брейки танцевать, колхоз одним словом... У ресторана отличный вид, но вид ресторана портит персонал.

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