Caucasian patio

Caucasian patio

In early November in Sochi opened a second restaurant on the coast "Caucasian patio ", which rightly become one of the best institutions in the Caucasus resort. This place is for those who like to relax and eat, who appreciate warm hearth and the famous Southern hospitality , as well as those who are really important , " honest " cuisine from natural products.


Menu collected all the best that can offer abundant and generous Transcaucasia. Many products are delivered directly from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Considered the hallmark of the restaurant meats . And forget about frozen meat , he's not here and can not be! Every day bought fresh and quality products from all over the city. And if we talk about the lamb , then we're talking about the whole ritual : it brought from Adygea , where every day, especially for the restaurant , cut two month-old lambs . Thus, in the " patio Caucasian " features more than 30 types of kebab and shish - kebabs, delicious sadzhi , cheeses and khachapuri, about 10 kinds of jam and homemade pastries are homemade .

The restaurant's interior reproduces the atmosphere of the southern city courtyards 50 -60 -ies of the 20th century . Nothing distracts from the feast, only sounds pleasant background music . Everything is aimed at to make guests' stay as comfortable as possible . A wine list is renowned for the largest selection of wines Caucasian .


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Альбина June 29, 2015

Случайно попали в ресторан, решили с супругом устроить романтик и не пожалели что выбрали Кавказский дворик. Интерьер ресторана потрясающий, каждая деталь подобрана с хорошим вкусом, сама обстановка очень умиротворяющая а тихая музыка не напрягает. Меню оказалось очень разнообразным и мы просто запутались в мясном ассортименте и выбрали блюда на мангале. Маринованные ребрышки оказались очень нежными, в меру прожаренными и главное свежими! Очень пришлись к столу и овощи с мангала. В целом поставила твердую пятерку ресторану и за меню и за обслуживание и за размеренную обстановку!
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