Beautiful wedding: choose a banquet hall

Beautiful wedding: choose a banquet hall

n Sochi, booking a reason for a beautiful wedding. Especially for future newlyweds picked 10 of the most luxurious, stylish and spacious banquet rooms.

1. Grand Canyon

The hotel complex "Grand Canyon", which is located in Mamayskogo pass in Dagomys, you can celebrate three weddings at the same time - just as banquet halls offers a range of Sochi newlyweds.

The biggest and most solemn of them - the Crystal room, furnished in the Empire style, is decorated with pilasters and moldings, crystal chandeliers and decorated in white and gold colors.

The second largest red room seats 200 people. As is obvious from the name, the main accent color is red. Despite the intensity of the color is no pressure: in the hall, trimmed pale pink marble, lots of light, bright scarlet marked only the details - chairs, lamps, curtains.

Summer hall is designed for 180 people, it is the least pompous banquet halls of the "Grand Canyon." Sweet Olive interior is a combination of light wood and dark glasses, shaded by white tulle and emerald green details, well suited for a relaxed informal wedding or wedding in the Elvish style.


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