CHIEF. Gaetano Calabrese / «Chaika»

CHIEF. Gaetano Calabrese / «Chaika»

Chef of "Chaykal" by Gaetano Calabrese came to our city from sunny Italy, where he studied and worked, learning gastronomy in all regions of this magnificent country. In life Gaetano kitchen takes the main place. So that's exactly the case when the choice of profession - is the choice of his own poems. Craving for travel and new knowledge has led chefs in France, where he was a four-practice, but Gaetano not inspired by this country, and to our joy and guests of Sochi for the past three months living and working here.


Embody an unforgettable moment

With this rule, Gaetano Calabrese began his professional career in the restaurant "Chaika", remembering all those moments in the gastronomic " primer " - a restaurant menu . Basis , naturally , make meals sunny Italy. They are collected from all regions and implemented exclusively in traditional designs. In addition to Italian motives menu includes dishes of France and Russia. As he said himself chef Russian cuisine it applies with respect and reverence, thereby providing a separate chapter to it in the menu and delighting guests borscht soup and Russian pancakes.


Ratio 100 % 100%

We are talking about Neapolitan pizza cooked to the best recipes exclusively from the products supplied from Italy. Dish , according to Gaetano - is not only cooking techniques , but also special products . Very importantly, how and where they are grown or produced. There are some products that Gaetano unable to replace , for example , olive oil, mozzarella and many other cheeses and sausages . Only with them can get a real Neapolitan pizza .

" Cooking authentic pizza of our products - the same that put the engine from Mercedes " Lada " - impossible," - laughing ironically Gaetano Calabrese .


Improvement or pursuit of excellence

Despite many years of work developing traditional cooking masterpieces , the boss will not rule out improvisation. Can not escape - we maestro. And make sure this is not difficult. The restaurant "Chaika" , he created a special offer from the chef, in which he skilfully experimenting with the products of our southern geographic region and beyond . Gaetano to this day does not leave the delight of our red mullet, flounder and mussels. Playing with their tastes , it creates an excellent compliment to the guests.

In preparation Gaetano highlights the individuality of each product over the years, he realized that people need not surprising beauty dishes, and its unique taste - natural, natural.


Way to a man's heart is through his stomach . The same way to safely lay a woman's heart.



Salad with burrata cheese , tomatoes and arugula

Ingredients: burrata cheese (Italian cream cheese , refers to a family of cheeses mozzarella) , tomato , basil , arugula, olive oil, salt and pepper .

We spread, sparing, arugula leaves, then figuratively put tomatoes, burrata heads the center, topped with basil brave. Pour a little oil from the olives, add a pinch of salt and a little pepper, thus completing preparation. And tasty, and useful. Mamma Mia!!!


Lamb chops with garlic and rosemary

Rack of Australian Lamb (200 g) prestrips, and add salt, pepper, crushed garlic, rosemary (5 g) and begin to fry in olive oil on a preheated skillet until golden brown. Then add a bit of Italian white wine, simmer until tender ( 10-15 minutes ) to the consistency of the sauce. Take care of your appetite, you can not avoid full of exaltation !

Buon Appetito!!!


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