CHIEF. Vladimir Mukhin / White Rabbit Family

CHIEF. Vladimir Mukhin / White Rabbit Family

Coming from a culinary. Proudly sounds, but not so simple. At Vladimir Mukhin entire dynasty has been involved in the culinary business. But before he got to Vladimir culinary arena, his father, at that time owner of the famous restaurant in Yessentuki, made ​​his son through all seven circles of "gastronomic hell." So Mukhin sought his place at the stove - the same way as each of us seeks its place under the sun. There was no concessions, no one admired his zeal to the kitchen, saying that being a chef - in his blood.


Russian Art Nouveau or renaissance ?

Vladimir Mukhin - innovator, but at the same time, the Believer . This is a man who brings our "new Russian " cuisine, but do not forget about the roots , traditions and past experience . Thus he recreates sculpture Cuisine classic recipes , only in modern processing . For Vladimir traditional structure - it is not a dogma , but the same is true classic product element on the mise en scene of his kitchen . Foundation recipe remains unchanged , but , again, not so simple . Here Vladimir skillfully picked designation direction of its culinary creativity - this flashback. Everything seems to be old hackneyed tastes begin to blur in his hands new incredible colors.

Mukhin wittily playing with flavors , seeking their perfect harmony in various combinations. After chasing the textures of dishes is very important not to lose the taste !


Tasting poetry

By tasting Seto Red Fox Restaurant Vladimir treated with all the subtleties of balance and harmony dishes. Were presented such an amazing composition as sanitized - verified "Foie gras pate with quince and mountain sweet pomegranate sauce ", " Antrim sorbet snowball " that surrounds the deceptively light veil of taste, " Panna Cotta boiled condensed milk with fresh pineapple guava , ice cream of yoghurt and bread crumbs Borodino "and many other delicacies of the products of our region in unpredictable interpretations. By deeply correct opinion Mukhina, food should not be taken as a fuel , and do not put enough of the main goal of desire , the first and only should be the pleasure derived from eating .

On the verge of knowledge and achievements

After Vladimir Mukhin took "silver" at the prestigious European Championship young chefs San Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2013 , held in Venice, he became the first chef from Russia to occupy such a high place , and the second youngest chef in Europe , received extraordinary compliments from the famous chef Massimo Bottura ( from the restaurant Osteria Francescana, one of the three best restaurants in the world ) . Massimo in turn took the time even to visit our country , and at the festival Golden Triangle, held in Moscow , together with Nino Graziano and Vladimir Mukhin tasting sets presented in Russian - Italian blend . Russian culinary set aside in the top three chefs headed by Vladimir himself .

January 13 New Year's Vladimir will travel and work in the best restaurant on the version of the most influential gastronomic magazine The Restaurant Magazine (The World's 50 Best Restaurants) - El Celler de Can Roca in collaboration with Juan Roca himself .


"Do not chase the money and privileges , that is not important . It is important to look to the future and build it correctly. Sure to help you , the main thing is not to run away from the path in front of the intended purpose in the pursuit of profit and momentary pleasure . "



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