Desire huge number of people from time immemorial had to learn to soar above the earth like a bird. Embark on a flight over the city of Sochi straight to the restaurant Moscow Street.


The first attraction that catches your eye - it's a panoramic lift that suddenly rises to a height of 14 - 15th floor , where the restaurant is located . But even in this moment you can enjoy the view of the city prelude extending his feet . Thus we find ourselves at a great height in the restaurant , whose interior is neat and unobtrusive in its execution.

Guess the guests' wishes - this is the basic concept of the restaurant , and the idea is noticeable to the naked eye . Do not need to speak aloud about the impressive form of the window , it must be seen and felt by being here .

Halls and the first and second level of the restaurant scene in the cover 180 degrees , thereby being here , which is at any time . Whether it is a clear day with a burning " apple " of the sun at the zenith or warm all year round in its tone sunset. Win-win situation - to climb as high as possible , so that the city literally was at the palm of your hand .

The second level is the best technique equipped room. You can dissolve into melodic lounge - mixes or have fun at the party. There is also a separate room with a bar chamber . If you're a cheer for "our" , in this room you can have a nice time watching sports broadcasts, or retire immediately during the noisy party. The choice is yours !

But most importantly - it is , of course , the kitchen . In Moscow Street very multifaceted menu , here represented a mixed international cuisine , in which every guest will find a dish to taste or impromptu join the list of favorite foods , choosing something new . Demonstration of skills as chief Vitello Tonatto - rolls of baked veal stuffed with tuna and arugula , and pesto Papardeli con frutti di mare , which adequately met in a bouquet taste a huge variety of seafood , and many other items culinary library restaurant , worthy of special attention and tasting samples . Unspoken rule places : a dish cooked with love and in a good mood , always surprisingly tasty. And the mood of the restaurant team is always excellent. So we should not exaggerate about the secrets of the kitchen , because the most important of them are very simple: chefs should really love their job and prepare only the best products. All these subtleties here considered and succinctly collected in the menu.


Restaurant Moscow Street - is a place that should become an attribute of the modern gourmet and connoisseur of beauty. This should escape from the bustle of enjoyment for your favorite dishes, new experiences and good rest. 


And finally one more wonderful news: the restaurant is open round the clock, which is important, because in today's hectic sometimes not enough time for yourself, but here it always went out and brought to you!


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