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Restaurant «At.mosphere», Dubai

Distance from Sochi 2477 km .

Approximate flight time : 8 hours 20 minutes .

Address : Burj Khalifa, | 122nd floor, Dubai, UAE

Phone: 04 888 3828

E-mail: reservations@atmosphereburjkhalifa.com

At the highest building of the Earth, skyscraper «Burj Khalifa», 122 floor is the most high-altitude restaurant in the world " atmosphere ." It is located at an altitude of 495 meters above the ground when the building reaches 828 meters .

The creators of the restaurant wanted to present it as a " yacht in the sky ", and now the level of comfort it can be easily prirovnyat maintenance , for example, one of the most expensive yachts in the world , namely , created by special request, Roman Abramovich's yacht . Only instead of the boundless ocean views from its windows will be visible to the endless expanse of the United Arab Emirates and even more boundless sky !


Restaurant «SIXTY», Moscow

Distance from Sochi 1362 km .

Approximate flight time : 2 hours 20 minutes.

Address: Nab. Presnenskaya , 12, Moscow

Phone: 8 ( 495) 653-83-69


With amy highest restaurant in Europe!

Restaurant «SIXTY» is located on the 62nd floor of the tower "Federation". Leaving the city far below , it opens us to the Moscow sky bright with its unforgettable sunrises and sunsets , and with them - clouds beneath their feet and watching the flight of birds. This establishment combines ultramodern urban style along with nostalgia for a dashing 60 -th years - reckless , stylish and a little crazy .

Vibrant mix of colors in the style of Andy Warhol and Blow Up excite feelings, bringing us back to the past, and all this with almost half a kilometer high.


Restaurant «Sirocco» and bar «Sky Air», Thailand

Distance from Sochi 6630 km .

Approximate flight time : 12 hours 30 minutes.

Address: 1055/42 Silom Road, Silom, Bangrak | State Tower 63th Floor

The Dome at Lebua, Bangkok 10500

Telephone: 66 2 6249555

E-mail: reservations@lebua.com

In the city of Bangkok on the 64th floor of the famous skyscraper «State Tower» Located on a level wonderful restaurant " Sirocco " and bar "Sky Air" . Sight radius from the site of the restaurant is 270 degrees. This institution is considered the best in Thailand , as they say , and fastidious prices and strict dress code. It has a beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River and the whole of Bangkok. Well, if you're afraid of heights , then get ready for a strong charge of adrenaline. Our advice - relax and breathe in the aroma of the city , take a look at the stars and remember forever this dinner at the height of bird flight.


Restaurant «Top of the Hub», Massachusetts, USA

Distance from Sochi 8244 km .

Approximate flight time : 14 hours 55 minutes .

Address: 800 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199 , USA

Phone: +1 617-536-1775


Arriving in Boston, where the restaurant «Top of the Hub», you will know about it within 10 minutes. The tower «Prudential» 52 floor you will find not only the best view of Boston, but also fine cuisine , has received numerous awards . Nice to come here at least twice - shortly before sunset , when the city is filled with reddish- pink light and slowly sinking into the evening lights , and in the afternoon , when the city is lit by the sun and see all the surroundings and the ocean shore .


Restaurant «Dinner in the Sky»,

where you wish

Distance from Sochi : fly himself

Approximate time of flight:

depending on the order


"Heavenly " restaurant «Dinner in the Sky» - a unique opportunity anywhere in the world to fly. Breakfast in the sky , lunch in the sky or a business meeting - everything that is subject to your gastro- imagination. «Dinner in the Sky» occurs in the air at the table , fixed to a height of 50 meters, running a team of real professionals. Here you can easily fit 22 visitor at the table and 4 staff representative in the middle ( chef , waiter , entertainer and a security officer ) .

Learning to fly and invite restaurant in Sochi! The main thing - keep in mind that the area in which you plan to dine luxuriously in the midst of the clouds must be less than 500 sq.m.


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