We are not so naive as to believe that all come to us GUESTS satisfy absolutely all their needs , inspired CONSIDERING ski complex in all its beauty . And in general , they say, met with a lovely is better spent on a full stomach !

Russian cuisine makes an indelible impression on foreigners . Her - or any byat or hate , but it is not indifferent to one remains ! Abundance Wallpaper Russian man always surprised guests from completely different countries , we even considered gluttons , if not a glutton - E . Nowhere in the world there is such a variety of soups : soup, rassolnik , fish and meat kasha and, of course , borscht . Ask the Chinese, they eat in Russia , he immediately responds - borscht , and in their view it spicy tomato soup, which was added vodka. While each of our ho - zyayki there own recipe for this delicious soup .

But with okroshka foreigners generally love did not happen. Not even review helps translate the name of the soup into English : «Oh baby». Kvas drenched vegetables cause them fear and resentment. kvass foreigners

do not understand , considering it tainted product , and their excellent health is very surprising Russian after its use . But not without exceptions : the great Giacomo Casanova was crazy about this drink and drank it with great pleasure.

Think this harmful strangers with nothing - all please? And here and there . Without exception, all Europeans love our Russian pancakes and pies. Pancakes with caviar - this exquisite treat many ceremonial events , and indeed they have relationships with caviar painfully tender . " Russian caviar " for foreigners - same brand as "vodka ."

The next dish , the degree of love is not inferior pancakes and cakes - dumplings. Here even the Italians applaud , forgetting about their invented tiny ravioli . But this is understandable as you think , you can compare with this great raviolinku Siberian dumplings ?

By the way, back to the aforementioned Russian vodka that foreigners mandatory take away from us to her back home as a souvenir edakogo . In
While British and American gay bars organize boycotts of Russian vodka , dare to assure you that we in Russia do not have to be cold ! Do you want to sing - drink and Vodka and Russian Balalaika help you.


50 seconds before the start

Organizers of the 2014 Olympics are going to demonstrate their own achievements in terms of visitor services . According to their plan, customers in Sochi restaurants serve only for 50 seconds, the menu will be presented over 500 different dishes in osnoonom Russian cuisine.


And what are we worse ?

Andrew Mach , chef of the restaurant " cafe" Pushkin " , about Russian cuisine speaks without modesty ," that our kitchen is not the most popular in the world, says only that we can not promote it ! But not that it is not as good as, say , the French . "


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