Season lemonades

Season lemonades

Every morning bartenders Chernomorskaya5 coming to your "post" first of all prepare delicious syrups. It is these syrups are the basis for the cooling, fresh and refreshing lemonade. We tasted each of them, and found out the recipe ginger and orange drink.




"Apple and tarragon"


Price: 300 rubles.


The taste of childhood in the new reading. Herbs - tarragon with apple slices and pieces of crushed ice - quench your thirst in the hot days of summer in Sochi.




"Ginger and Orange"


Price: 300 rubles.


The most fashionable gastronomic combination of this season in a glass of lemonade, "Ginger and Orange." Rich and unusual taste with a teaspoon of honey will delight the most indefatigable gourmets.




Mint and basil.


The combination has already become a classic - the leaves of basil and mint lemonade bubbles. It is simply impossible to break away, but on a hot day at the pool and do not need.




Recipe from bartenders Chernomorskaya5.


Ginger-Orange lemonade at home.


- Orange juice - 50 ml.

- Sugar syrup - 20 ml.

- Lemon juice - 20 ml.

- Ginger - '30

- Honey - 10 ml.

- Sparkling water.


Ginger finely chopped, crushed broker, pass through a sieve. Mix with other ingredients.


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