Nowadays, a new restaurant will be surprised, but how did he to be sure to please guests ?

When the restaurant opened Bellagio, once it became clear - this is a real cradle of gastronomy. For guests here are the best dishes of Caucasian and fusion cuisines.

Bellagio is a few areas : directly the resto - wounds and banquet hall, where you can celebrate any solemn No. . Banquet hall decorated in delicate range of colors , we need only connect your imagination - and turn into a holiday dream come true . When it comes to holding a grand celebration, it is worth to note that the capacity of the hall is 350 persons at a time and 400 people during the cocktail party lines . And since the arrangement of the restaurant on site, then the question of placing guests instantly solved by increasing your time spent in the circle of dear friends . If you are interested in spending time with friends in a relaxed atmosphere or a business meeting , or perhaps in a private setting to devote an evening meeting in the second half, then you at Bellagio. Restaurant Bellagio if created for the pampered lovers enjoy!

The restaurant is located on the site of the same name , where you are happy to spend time in such a lovely setting. Here you do not need to worry at all for the important details , such as covered parking , car wash and many other services to ensure a carefree holiday .


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