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Exotique Underground Service

On Friday 25 September Exotique-Underground Service invites club in T2 on a dance demonstration. In the evening's program - sets from DJ's Leonid Nevermind, Local Preacher, ElFilter (BeatRepeat/Ekb), GNus (Undermusik/Ekb).

This time you don't have to wait several hours to hear the next set by. Two DJ's every hour will be changed and enter the uncharted expanses of the dance of the planets. Start the program, Leonid, known for just over 5 years as Leonid Nevermind – a connoisseur of the mysterious depths of house and techno groove, musician with experience, behind which a series of pilot projects (The Bodyvehicle, Ladder Of Creatures) and vinyl releases (Squonk, Nowar, Stolen Kisses, Soul People Music). Next, the console will be a researcher geometric artifacts Glory, “preaching” your Dungeon Teck message under the name of a Local Preacher - DJ fresh perspective filling sound.


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