The "Zhamki"

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The "Zhamki"

On Saturday 15 August visiting Harat's pub - Tula project, "Zhamki". The band's name came from the shtetl names cropped raw edges that remain in the production of Tula gingerbread. So as not to throw cakes in vain, these scraps "zhamkali" and rolling, watered glaze and sold to poor people, which itself Tula gingerbread could not afford it. The group has gathered from musicians who "footballish" from different musical groups, hence is self-ironic name. 

The musical concept of the band "Zhamki" - simple life songs, the texts of which, ironically, talk about the life of ordinary people. The group "Zhamki" took part in the festivals "Invasion" and "Motorolaas", their tracks were included in the rotation of "Nashe Radio".


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