HALLOWEEN: Dia De Los Muertos

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HALLOWEEN: Dia De Los Muertos

Night club "Reмбрандт" represents a premiere of performance "The night of the dead". Only this night - all the dark, intriguing and disturbing - in a luxurious Mexican chambers of our castle! Zombies and vampires, sexy witches and evil dwarves, werewolves and bloody Princess Katrina - all this in a special show from Reмбрандт Club. You are waiting for spectacular scenery and the mob of evil. 

Bare the dark side of his soul and come face to face with all the human vices at the premiere party of "Dia De Los Muertos" in Reмбрандт Club. 

All night with you club's residents: Dj's Lucky, Zara LIVE, Jonny TWIN, Kila, MC Roma ROR & Gera Lepler, Show Ballet "ROYAL Rem" and "REM". The program also includes great magic show from Vardan Amiryan.


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