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MasterKitchen. Pasta

City cafe for modern parents "Pasta with son" on November 10, invites culinary competition MasterKitchen. Pasta. Participation shall take the media team:

  • Gloss Fashion Buauty
  • Geometria
  • Autoradio Sochi.

Thus, in "Makarony" will start a new tradition - to gather all the guests together with adults and children in the kitchen of city cafe "Pasta with son."

What kind of competition is - "MasterKitchen. Pasta"?

This is a true culinary battle that will now take place every month in the cafe "Pasta with son" between representatives of the same industry. According to the rules of the contest, there will be three teams, each of which may be three people involved.

Conditions of the competition

Each team must prepare two dishes - it can be a salad or cold appetizer + main dish. Come up with a dish participants must themselves, and cook it should be of the products provided for the contest (no choices). Equipment for the preparation of: boards, containers, knives and induction cooker - all the necessary tools and equipment will be transferred for use by the participating teams.

Before the start of a battleship products are not voiced. Select a team member, who must prepare a drink. The other two serves. Set aside some time to prepare. The winner team will be announced, scored the most points on five-point system. Criteria for evaluation of food:

  • Presentation;
  • Taste qualities;
  • Originality.

Who judges the competition?

Evaluate the culinary delights of the media team will be the best Sochi Chef:

  • Denis Krupenya, chef at the Grand Hotel "Rodina";
  • Leading the show "MasterShef: children" Dmitry Levitsky;
  • Chef "Baran Rapan" Andrew Kolodyazhni;
  • Chef gastrobara "Thunderstorm" and urban cafe "Pasta with son" Inver Tlehuch.

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