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Role quest

Total darkness, and disconnected consciousness. Mini-death, which has plans to become real. Suddenly a pillar of light illuminated the room and hit hard on the eyes. Who I am and where I am? The chain skipping the idea interrupts the sound of sirens. You can participate in all of this personally!

This real quest, just like in life. The role of each spelled own. The quality of the game depends on you!

In anticafe Jumanji - for you the evening of role Quest prepared by TeenTeam.

Can you find your way out?

Time allotted for the game for 2 hours.

Number of participants - 8-12, 5-7 of them male roles, female and 3-5.

Recording is carried out beforehand.


Wish you played a prominent role in the action film, to move away from reality.

For our part we promise you an exciting action, and spelled out individually for each role.

The price of participation - 500 p.

Age limit: 18+

Tea, coffee and vkusnyashnye things - for free!

If you arrive by car, we will reimburse you 50% of the cost of parking in our territory.

Take part, you will not regret!


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