Special Case Daytime Rooftop Tour in Sochi

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Chernomorskaya 5


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Special Case Daytime Rooftop Tour in Sochi

This weekend at the bar Chernomorskaya 5 Latin American atmosphere of the resort. Hot sun, cool Mojito, and the head - the charming Mexican representative Akbal Music - Miguel Puente. One of the few DJs, leading trends and shaping new directions in the house industry, works in the style deep house, indie dance and nu-disco. He is a welcome guest at big music festivals: Winter Music Conference or Off Sonar (Barcelona), as well as the most popular Ibiza parties. Creating tracks, Miguel primarily expresses its originality, using all the possibilities of sound. Experiments with different instruments and boundless imagination allow Miguel to record the club's masterpieces and to publish them on the most relevant labels. His life is one big tour in the cities of America, Europe and Asia.

The second headliner of the evening will be a permanent participant Sсe Zok Zok. Yura managed to go from a local DJ to one of the most recognizable musicians of the country. He is preparing a blend of house music with hints of a dynamic groove and bass. Local support will provide Vahtang and Gurevich.


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