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event finished

Only this day Coyote Ugly Bar is waiting for all students to celebrate the most important for their holiday - Day of the students.
The session was all successfully passed - and the time to go into the lead on the Students Party!

It's so important to rest and relax before the next semester! Only we have the hottest dances, the most beautiful girls and the most gallant man !!

We are waiting for all of you on the brightest party! You have not a student ?! Nothing wrong! And on this day, you can also enjoy and dance with us. This is not a reason to sit at home and be bored. After all, when not in Tatiana's Day can be a student again and to feel cool off ?!
For students, we will work all night event: "Drink two - the price of one!"

Also, for all of us Tatiana is an excellent cocktail "Tatiana", at a very affordable price - 150 rubles.


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