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Week High Spanish cuisine «SEL MARIN»

On July 14 - 20 the Sel Marin will be celebrating Week of Gourmate Spanish Cuisine designed by chef of the Pullman Hotels & Resorts network Ernesto Blanco Gonzalez. Ernesto will be presenting exclusive menu with fiery Spanish character! "Crispy suckling pig with red melon and sweet garlic cream", "Vanilla cremoso with rose confiture and lychee sorbet" and "Octopus medallion on a bed of mashed potatoes with roasted peppers and crispy egg" and this is only a small part of the discoveries that await you during the Spanish week. Want to learn to cook like a chef? On July 16 and 17 the hotel will hold specialized master classes, where you will be introduced to cuisine of a sunny land and be able to learn how to cook dishes you like. Allow yourself to have good time with Sel Marin by making weekdays full of flavours and discoveries!


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