Star triumph 2016

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Star triumph 2016

Words which began with the first reporting gig TV music project "Star Triumph", are as follows: In this round - all my friends! He, she, you and I. Hold the neighbor left, embrace neighbor on the right, we - one family.

All take each other's hands in a circle and make setting your emotions in a positive way, loudly uttered the magic words. Well, let's go! A start. Song Marathon muzproekta Star triumph of 2016 is gaining its momentum. Contestants selected songs to the reporting concert №2, which will be held April 23 at the Rembrandt Club.

Viewers will see the competitive performances of the basic structure of the music competition, concerts of winners, as well as those who went to the finals last season and the guests of honor, are friends of the project.

For the members of the jury posed a challenge: they need to assess the artistic abilities with musical talent and announce the verdict after deciding, in whose hands will get Totem winner of the 2nd reporting concert.

The award ceremony, smiles, tears, victories and defeats, exciting theatrical moments, emotions and feelings, her voice and taking those notes, which never seemed to achieve, confident march leaders and stiffness newcomers - all of this is and will continue to surprise and to excite.

You will see new faces and talents. In the evening light up new stars! We are waiting for you on Saturday April 23 at Club Rembrandt. We start at 20:00!


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