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Hotel Moscow (650м.)
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20 USD


Cork Wine Bar

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  • City Sochi
  • Area Central
  • Address st. Navaginskaya, 7
  • Nearest bus stations Hotel Moscow (650м.)
  • Phone of place 8 900 252 10 77
  • Working time
  • Cuisine Mixed, Fusion
  • Wi-Fi Yes
  • Places for smokers Yes
  • Delivery No
  • Payment method Bank card, Cash
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CORKs wine bar kitchen is located in the central region of Sochi on the street Navaginskaya. 7, in a five-story shopping center, which also housed the store Detsky Mir and firms Avatar. Cork in the wine bar you can taste delicious wines from all over the world in a cozy atmosphere. To get to the bar as possible before reaching the bas stop Hotel Moscow.

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