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Sport; hotel Star (100м.)
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10 USD


Cream cafe

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  • City Sochi
  • Area Central
  • Address Str. Tchaikovsky d.14a
  • Nearest bus stations Sport; hotel Star (100м.)
  • Phone of place +7965 469 49 69
  •   +7962 885 35 33
  • Working time
  • Cuisine European
  • Wi-Fi Yes
  • Places for smokers Yes
  • Delivery No
  • Business lunch On weekdays from 12:00 to 15:00
  • Payment method Bank transfer, Cash
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Our tastes are quite easy! -we love only the best!!!

Cream cafe is a school for those who like comfort and good food without too much pathos.

Here you will not find stiff waiters and unreasonably expensive meals and drinks.

Our prices will surprise You!

Our doors are open for You without breaks and weekends from 10:00am to 23:00pm.

P. S. we have cookies, delicious coffee and hookah)))

We Are Waiting For You!

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