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Tuapsinskaya (20м.)
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Family Bakery

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  • City Sochi
  • Area Central
  • Address Tuapsinskaya 7/2
  • Nearest bus stations Tuapsinskaya (20м.)
  • Phone of place 89649402362
  •   89284569473
  • Working time
  • Cuisine International, Home, Russian
  • Site
  • Wi-Fi No
  • Places for smokers Yes
  • Delivery Yes
  • Entrance free
  • Payment method Bank card, Cash
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The smell of fresh bread and baking is familiar to us from childhood. We collected old family recipes from different regions of Russia, supplemented with new fillings, added love to baking and opened a family bakery. We bake and deliver to Sochi 150 kinds of baking and bread. We use fresh dough and natural ingredients for fillings. Our bakery and bread is suitable for athletes, children, pregnant women and people who care for their health. In the menu - national and ethnic dishes, halal food and home fruit drinks.

We can sit with friends, drink boiled coffee and try freshly baked pie. The average check is 100 rubles. Bread, cheesecakes, kokroki and echpochmaki cost about 40 rubles, and large meat kulebyaki and pies with cheese and spinach - about 150 rubles. We arrange promotions and rallies, make discounts to subscribers of our account in the instagram @pekarnya_sochi. The manager of the bakery Irina Romasenko is ready to answer the questions of the customers or discuss the issues of the delivery of bread and rolls for burgers.

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Андрей September 13, 2017

Всегда покупаем здесь хлеб! Очень вкусный. Полезнее, чем в любом супермаркете и кулинари, потому что понятно из чего его здесь делают.
Саша September 5, 2017

Все очень вкусное, по низким ценам. Очень приятная атмосфера в пекарне. Обязательно попробуйте кокроки — фирменная выпечка у них.

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