TEDX Сочи, Красная Поляна

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SIC Nekrasovskoe (130м.)
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White & Blue

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  • City Sochi
  • Area Adler
  • Address str. Nizhneimeretinskaya, 115 in the building of the recreation center Karavella
  • Nearest bus stations SIC Nekrasovskoe (130м.)
  • Phone of place +7 988 233-29-88
  • Working time
  • Cuisine Mediterranean, Georgia, Armenian and more 1
  • Wi-Fi Yes
  • Places for smokers No
  • Delivery No
  • Offers Takeaway, Outdoor dining, Seating, Tv, Access to the armchair users
  • For children Highchairs for feeding
  • Breakfast Have
  • Payment method Cash, Bank card
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The White & Blue restaurant is located in Sochi, Adler district by the address str. Nizhneimeretinskaya, 115 in the building of the recreation center Caravel. The restaurant has Eastern European, Mediterranean, Armenian, Georgian cuisine. You can get to the White & Blue restaurant by taking the bus to the nearest  stop Nekrasovskoe.

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TEDX Сочи, Красная Поляна

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